New March 2023 Financial Literacy Course For Working Mothers, Parents

Inge, also known as Invested Mom, understands the struggles of living paycheck to paycheck, and wants to help people take control of their money. With her years of experience in the finance industry and passion for teaching, Invested Mom has now created a comprehensive course designed to teach financial literacy and help people make better financial decisions.

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Invested Mom’s new “Increase Your Income – The Ultimate Self-Paced Course” is a membership-based financial literacy course designed to help people living paycheck to paycheck. The course includes tips on how to increase income with current jobs, leverage LinkedIn to get higher-paying jobs, negotiate pay raises confidently, start a side hustle to increase income, start investing with little upfront money, and get out of debt to start a financially sustainable life.

According to a recent survey, 63% of Americans do not have enough savings to cover a $500 emergency. Furthermore, a study by the National Financial Educators Council showed that only 24% of American adults received formal education on personal finance topics. Many Americans struggle with increasing their income, negotiating a pay raise, and investing their money. Invested Mom’s course addresses all these issues with personalized and easy-to-understand financial education.

Inge also has additional resources available on her website, including a blog that provides valuable content for day-to-day financial decisions, and a podcast centered around the topic of wealth generation and savings management.

Invested Mom’s mission is to help people achieve financial freedom through easy-to-understand financial education. “Financial literacy is a life skill that everyone should have. I want to empower people to take control of their finances and achieve their dreams. My course is designed to provide personalized education to help people increase their income and start living a financially free life,” said Inge.

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