Technology Adoption & Innovation Practical Ethics Guide For Professionals Launch

Dr. Wright’s latest publication educates professionals in technology-related fields – such as software developers, cybersecurity experts, fintech managers, and CEOs – about the major ethical frameworks they might use to inform their decision-making in technology development and deployment.

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The new book aims to help readers understand the ethical issues relevant to particular technologies so they may be better able to navigate the complex, ever-changing environment of technological innovation and regulation.

It is crucial that professionals understand these ethical issues because they often underlie the key legal issues arising from the clash between new technologies and old laws. But the book does not provide only abstract discussions of these issues – it provides readers with practical insights and strategies drawn from real-world examples and case studies of ethical challenges concerning new technologies. Examples of these ethical challenges may be found at

Dr. Wright’s book will help readers to think critically about and solve problems in the domains of ethics, law, and technology. This mental training will help prepare readers to undertake responsible and ethical technology innovation and to stay up to date in these dynamic fields.

“Ethics, Law, and Technology: Navigating Technology Adoption Challenges” is available on Amazon in hardback, paperback, and Kindle editions. It has garnered many positive reviews from both readers and critics for its compelling message, captivating style, and practical insights.

Dr. Steven A. Wright, MBA, PhD, JD is an engineer, lawyer, professor, and entrepreneur who is passionate about mentoring, teaching, and research centered on business, technology, and law in the digital world. He also has successful international experience with negotiating technology agreements that enable new ecosystems in the information technology industry.

An early reader affirms: “In this book, Dr. Wright tackles issues that should be top of mind for anyone involved in the intersection between law and technology, examining many of the key issues around ethics for existing and emerging technologies. Laying out a clear framework spanning various ethical approaches, he shows how to apply it to allow students and practitioners to reflect on how ethics, law, and technology interact in societal, legal, and individual spheres.”

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