The Good Patch Launches Limited-Edition Collection with The Art of Elysium

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The Good Patch announced today that they've launched a limited-edition patch collection, designed by artist Tasya van Ree, in support of nonprofit The Art of Elysium, which serves communities in need based upon the core belief that art heals.

The Good Patch was created with one simple idea in mind: when the people around you feel good, life is more beautiful. Their wearable wellness patches go on when you need them and off when you dont offering complete control of your wellness. Whether you need to look alive, find your zen, or clock in some beauty sleep, The Good Patch has you covered.

For over twenty-five years, The Art of Elysium has paired volunteer artists with communities in Los Angeles to support individuals in the midst of difficult emotional life challenges like illness, hospitalization, displacement, confinement, and/or crisis. They serve medically fragile children, teens, adults, seniors, those dealing with social, emotional and mental health issues, and the homeless.

The Art of Elysiums mission to heal communities through the power of art really speaks to us here at The Good Patch. As a brand, our core belief is when you feel good, life is more beautiful so there are some real synergies. We are humbled to be able to support such a meaningful organization, as well as one of their volunteer artists, Tasya van Ree. The designs Tasya created for this unique collaboration remind us to appreciate the beauty each day has to offer. In this chaotic world we all live in, finding the beauty in art is one small (or big) way we can take a moment for ourselves to recharge, heal, and find inspiration, said The Good Patch CEO Cedar Carter.

The packaging of this limited-edition version of the brands best-selling B12 Awake Patch features a beautiful sun motif. Inside, the four patches feature a colorful variety of sun-inspired designs. The collection is available at beginning September 12th and on Amazon later in September. A limited time only bonus pack will also be available later this month, exclusively at Target stores. The bonus pack includes four original B12 Awake patches plus one free van Ree designed bonus patch, available while supplies last.

"The SUN represents everything significant. It enriches and restores our time here in every way possible. It nurtures the body with the energetic flow of life force and has precise qualities to rejuvenate the mind, bringing light and importance to ones daily life, said artist van Ree on the inspiration behind the design.

At The Art of Elysium, our mission is to use art to heal, and empower artists and communities of need to join together, to emotionally triumph over their circumstances through art. The mission of The Good Patch is aligned in that they are also all about helping people feel good, one patch at a time. We are honored to have one of our artists, Tasya van Ree, design this limited-edition patch to unite both of our visions of improving the overall wellness and well-being of individuals in our community, said The Art of Elysium Founder Jennifer Howell.

In celebration of the collaboration, The Good Patch will be sponsoring an intimate fundraising dinner for The Art of Elysium in Los Angeles on September 23rd with music, keynote speakers, and celebrity guests (TBA).

For more information, please visit and or @TheGoodPatch and @TheArtofElysium on social media platforms.

About The Good Patch:

The Good Patch, which first emerged on the market in 2018, was founded by longtime friends Betsy Scanlan, Kelly Brock, and David Nicholson. David and Kelly, owners of award-winning spas, and Betsy, an accomplished advocate in the hemp industry, all met for coffee one morning to talk beauty, wellness, and the power of plant-based ingredients. Combining each of their past expertise in the wellness industry, The Good Patch was born. Today, the brand is pioneering new approach to personal care at the intersection of beauty and wellness. The brands wearable patches address a variety of common daily struggles, such as B12 Awake (for the afternoon slump), Dream (for getting your beauty sleep), and Relax (for unwinding and decompressing), among other plant-powered varieties. They use tried-and-true ingredients that are 3rd party quality tested. Simply peel, stick, and remove when you are done. Since 2018, The Good Patch has been steadily growing. From its humble roots selling in spas and independent retailers, the wearable wellness patch company has grown to be sold in over 12,000 retail locations. The brand currently has 16 patches on the market, with more on the way.

About The Art of Elysium:

The Art of Elysium is a nonprofit organization that brings artists and those in need together to create transformative healing experiences through art. Their mission is to empower artists and inspire communities to make a positive impact through creative expression. Learn more at [].

The Art Salons offer a unique backdrop for artists, influencers and brands to come together in an immersive experience where art intersects with philanthropy. Each Salon experience includes an artist lead panel discussion, followed by a musical performance and a meal by a culinary creative. Select volunteer artists have the opportunity to preview their work for established artists in the field. Learn more at [].

About Tasya vs Ree:

Tasya van Ree is a multidisciplinary artist. Her artwork is infused with otherworldly elements of eros, alchemy, and the infinite mystery of the natural world. She has always been intrigued by the everyday wonders of lifes visual offerings, which is a testimony to how she uses her intuitive eye for form and composition. With her sense of expansive awareness, van Ree is able to transcend boundaries across all mediums to exist in her own radical embrace of expression.


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